The Unified Immutable Operating System

ProLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution with an immutable root filesystem, an A/B updating scheme, Flatpak-first app distribution model, and a unified API surface to interact with the OS.

It has an emphasis on use-cases that particularly shine with this style of operating system; devices where system integrity and a consistent runtime environment should be guaranteed. This includes phones, light laptops, and embedded devices.

ProLinux 2 is currently under development! The images provided below should only be used for experimentation, testing, and development purposes.

Desktop & Embedded

ProLinux 2 variant with configured for desktop/laptop and graphical embedded devices. These development images feature KDE Plasma Desktop 6 compiled from the upstream git main branches using kdesrc-build.


Plasma Mobile Nightly

ProLinux 2 variant configured for mobile phones. These development images feature KDE Plasma Mobile 6 compiled from the upstream git main branches using kdesrc-build. Support for devices is provided by parts from PostmarketOS, including image generation, and kernel + initramfs.


Installation Instructions Jenkins CI

ProLinux 2 Plasma Mobile Screenshots

Source Code

The main ProLinux 2 repository is available on GitHub.

Getting Involved

Join the Sineware community! Our main space is a bridged Matrix room and Discord server, which we highly recommend you join if you want to experiment with the dev images, or want to help build ProLinux.


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Core Team

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