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Paimon Mad GIF (Sineware Cloud Services is still under construction. Expect occasional service disruptions, and stay tuned for new products!)

We make free (as in freedom)/open source software and offer a variety of fully open cloud services (hosted on our own independent infrastructure and hardware!)
Our goal is to offer friendly software and services built on open infrastructure, around a community you can feel good about joining.

Sineware ID Logo

Your Sineware ID is a single account used to access all of Sineware's services.

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Product Lineup
Sineware ProLinux 2

Sineware's Linux distribution, featuring a next-generation immutable root filesystem, flatpak, A/B updating, a unified system API, and more.

Currently under development, with Plasma 6 (incl. mobile) dev nightly images available.


Sineware's Mastodon Instance.
Mastodon is an open source and federated social network (Twitter-style microblogging).
When you sign up, you can follow users from any other mastodon instance, and your data is hosted on Sineware infrastructure!

Homeserver URL:

Sineware's Matrix Homeserver. Matrix is an open source and decentralized chat system (similar to Discord).
You can use any Matrix client, such as Element, and login using the Sineware homeserver.

Sineware Vault

Simple and secure password manager powered by Vaultwarden, an open source Bitwarden client compatible server written in Rust.

Your vault is protected by your Sineware ID with 2FA, and additionally encrypted with a master password client side with Web Crypto APIs.

Cloud Discord Webpages

CordML is a Discord bot that allows you to create simple hosted websites from individual channels in your Discord server.
Open up your server and offer resources in a web-crawlable format!


Git hosted by Sineware.
A simple Forgejo Git instance hosted on infrastructure you can see, backed by ZFS storage.

Minecraft Services
Sineware Labs Minesine Metaserver
Try out the Minesine Metaserver (for Minecraft 1.18.2/1.19)!
Minesine is a Minecraft server that lets you proxy through to other public servers, allowing for custom gameplay features and enhacements.
Sineware Time Service

Stratum-1 NTP Time server synchronized to GNSS satellites.
Available on, standard NTP port 123.

Open Source Projects
Static Proxy

A simple service that shields dynamically generated backends such as Wordpress by generating and serving a static copy. Refresh the static copy with a Webhook call, and catch + redirect all POST requests as JSON to an endpoint.
Get it on Docker Hub


UDP Syslog collection server that uses Ollama to vectorize logs and provide log insights powered by local open source LLMs.

Partnered Projects
EstiNet Banner

A Minecraft server featuring classic gamemodes such as Survival, and a number of custom built minigames. Hosted on Sineware Cloud infrastructure.


We are looking for sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring Sineware, please contact us at to get in touch.

Support Sineware

Sineware relies on donations to keep our services open and free. If you like what we do, please consider donating!

Sineware Community

Our Matrix room and Discord server are bridged!

Members of the community are expected to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.