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Development builds of Plasma Mobile packages for Alpine Linux, built every night from git. Easily develop and test KDE packages on postmarketOS devices!

Available as an Alpine Linux repository, and as pre-built postmarketOS images for the various devices (including the PinePhone).

Ongoing Event
Status Update @ March 10, 2023

Plasma Mobile Nightly is now (temporarily) tracking the 5.27 branch until Qt6/KF6 builds are ready.


Don't be surprised when things break! Packages are built directly from git main/master, where code is not finalized. These are not official builds, and this service is provided for development, testing, and experimentation purposes.

Do not pester KDE/postmarketOS/etc devs when things break! Issues can be reported to our bridged Matrix room or Discord server first (feel free to come and hang out as well!)

That all being said, if you know what you are doing, you'll have lot's of fun!

Build Status

Image Downloads

with ProLinuxD built-in

Default Pin: 147147

Other Devices

If you own a device that doesn't have an auto-generated image, it may still be supported by postmarketOS and its pmbootstrap utility.
You can find a list of supported devices here.
Once installed, you can follow the instructions below to add the nightly repository.

The Tablet x64 UEFI image should be bootable in QEMU (untested), assuming UEFI and Virgl 3D acceleration are available and working.

Alpine Repository

Alpine Repository (aarch64, x86_64)
Alpine Repository Key

Converting an existing postmarketOS Install

Add the repository URL to the /etc/apk/repositories file and the key to the /etc/apk/keys folder.

Then run apk update && apk upgrade and your installed packages will upgrade to the development builds.

echo "https://espi.sineware.ca/repo/alpine/prolinux-nightly" | sudo tee -a /etc/apk/repositories
curl -s https://sineware.ca/static/swadmin-632219ce.rsa.pub | sudo tee /etc/apk/keys/swadmin-632219ce.rsa.pub

ProLinux Daemon Beta

ProLinuxD brings enhanced debugging and development capabilities to Plasma Mobile Nightly.

  • Access to a local session terminal through the cloud portal
  • Plasma session log viewer
  • Coredump and backtrace viewer
  • Package build script (build nightly packages locally against different repos and branches)
  • Small bug fixes/tweaks
    • Fix wifi auto-connection
    • Enable automatic coredumping (to /tmp)

This is early access software. Not all features are available yet, and more will be added soon.

ProLinuxD does not enable cloud features or make network requests without opting-in first!

sudo apk add prolinuxd && sudo rc-update add prolinuxd && sudo rc-service prolinuxd start

You can optionally register your device with Sineware Cloud to use the cloud portal.

  1. Register and Login to the Cloud Portal and create a new organization
  2. Note the Device Access Token and use the ProLinux Config Tool or plctl set-device-token on the device to set the access token.
  3. Reboot the device
ProLinux CLI (plctl)

plctl is a command-line tool that let's you access features of ProLinux.

Usage: plctl [command]

Sineware Cloud Portal
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